hey friend, i see you trying to make that logo work!


You know the one I’m talking about!

The one your friend’s, cousin’s, daughter did for free.

It’s served you well so far, but it just isn't speaking to you or your audience anymore. 

Starting a business is hard, but growing a business is even harder! You feel like your juggling 10 things at once, from your business to personal life. The last thing on your mind is making your business look pretty.


And if we’re being honest,

you’re nervous!

You’re nervous to hand your pride-and-joy over to some girl in Iowa, sitting behind her computer, sipping on the 3rd cup of coffee.

Sound about right?

Change is super nerve-racking but just imagine attracting your ideal client, making a connection from the start, and feeling confident in your business’s identity.

It's possible, I promise!
View the services that’ll make it happen.

I’m Becca. It’s so good to meet you!

I help passionate, creative entrepreneurs achieve the brand of their dreams by designing a look-and-feel that connects with their audience.

Think of me, not as a designer,

but as your creative experience wizard!

I love creating a positive and stress-free experience for you, throughout our project. I’m a pro at taking your ideas, brewing them, and coming up with a striking brand identity that resonates with your ideal audience. 


But most importantly,

I want you to be confident in your brand. 

I want you to look at your brand and feel your heart soar. I’m talking screaming from the mountain top, anything is possible, type of feeling. 


It’s my job to get you thinking deeper about your business without the headache!

Leaving you more time to focus on growing your empire.

Through an organized and easy-to-use process, we’ll work together to create a strong and relatable brand that speaks to your audience. All while teaching you how to implement your identity across web and print with ease. 


Oh and did I mention,

I’m also your biggest cheerleader?

I’ll pop the champagne for this accomplishment and every victory after! 

Take a look through the services that
can make your dreams a reality.

If we're going to be friends you should probably know...

I take trashy TV very seriously.

There’s nothing better than an ice cold glass of Kombucha, well maybe a beer, but Kombucha sounds healthier

Estate sales are my jam and I’ll probably drag you to one.